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Cancer Care Specialty Services


Now patients who have been diagnosed with cancer can be cared for in the surroundings where they feel most comfortable, their home.  

Whatever a patient’s needs might be, we are able to address them by:

  • Disease and Medication Teaching Regarding Diagnosis and Complications (Including Oral Chemotherapy)
  • Pain and Symptom Management 
  • Wound and Enterostomal Therapy Care 
  • Nutrition Counseling 
  • Enteral Nutrition Management 
  • Respiratory Care 
  • Urinary Catheter Care 
  • Cancer Fatigue Management 
  • Palliative (Comfort) Care Administration of Intravenous Therapies
  • Homemaker service
  • Respite Care

Southeastern Home Health Services works closely with a patient’s oncologist and other physicians to coordinate care and avoid duplication of services. We take care of requesting orders from the physicians as well as any authorization that may be necessary from an insurance company, Medicare, Medicaid or HMOs. We handle all third party billing.

CLICK HERE to download more information about Cancer Care Specialty Services

If you are a healthcare professional who works with oncology patients, CLICK HERE to download more information about the types of patients our Cancer Care Specialty Services program can help.

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CLICK HERE for Guidelines for Referral to Therapy for Oncology Patients.


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